Unless you live within 30 km north or south of Sirmione (in which case you should already know which is the quickest route), the best way to get to Sirmione is the A4 motorway (Milan-Venice).

There is a Sirmione toll booth, with fairly clear indications on how to reach the historic center, or, if you come from the West (Milan) you could also exit at Desenzano and then take the "ring road", with two lanes but fast traffic, to then exit at the Sirmione sign, where the road rejoins the one exiting the motorway.

Less advisable, however, for those coming from the East (Venice), is to exit at the Peschiera toll booth: there is a ring road but it is quite busy and the state road is long and has several traffic lights and speed cameras.

For information on traffic on the motorway (and weather conditions) you can consult the motorway company website (with useful webcams)

We are inside the historic center, in the ZTL, WE DO NOT HAVE CAR PARKING inside the structure but 2 MOTORCYCLE SPACES, so if you arrive by motorbike you can, with prior arrangements and circular authorization, park in the ZTL.

The car park reserved for guests of the ''Grifopaking'' hotels offers a shuttle service on the day of check-in and check-out and is located approximately 400 meters from the entrance to the historic centre, costs €20 per day, from 12pm to 12.00 the following day (this car park must be booked in advance through our hotel, after having prepaid the service we will communicate your code to be able to access the reserved area)
the alternative are the blue lines: €2.50 per hour or the large Piazzale Montebaldo car park 500 meters from the entrance to the walls: €20 per day

Last information regarding parking: when traffic increases the local police blocks the cars about 3 km before the centre, at the cemetery. To continue, just say that you have a reservation at our hotel.


The closest airports are:

Gabriele d'Annunzio - Brescia, 25 km

Valerio Catullo - Verona, 30 km

Orio al Serio - Bergamo, 90 km

Linate - Milan, 135 km

Marco Polo - Venice, 155 km

Malpensa - Milan, 175 km

Catullo airport is connected to the Verona railway station by a shuttle service every 20 minutes. 

here details about trein and airplanes timetable



Sirmione is located near the Milan-Venice railway line. There is no Sirmione railway station, but, coming from the West you can get off at Desenzano station and coming from the East get off at Peschiera, and then take, in one case or another the bus to Sirmione.

For train timetables, see the Railways website: sito delle Ferrovie.


You can take the bus either to Verona and Brescia (journey time: about an hour) or, more advisably to Peschiera or Desenzano (journey time: about 20 minutes).

 Buses usually run with a frequency (at least) of one per hour. Those for Verona usually arrive at 12pm on the hour (having passed through Desenzano station at 05'), those for Brescia at 12' on the hour (having passed through Peschiera station at 55'). But it is better to see a  COMPLETE LIST  of the Brescia-Verona train times (with stops in Desenzano-Sirmione-Peschiera). During the summer there is also a shuttle that connects Colombare to Sirmione's historic center every 15 minutes, the cost of one ride is €1.50

It can be romantic to travel by boat on the lake. For example, if you get off at the Desenzano railway station, it's about 600 meters downhill to get to the port: to find out timetables and prices you can consult the website: Navigazione Laghi (Garda).