THE AQUARIA BATHS ARE OPENAquaria is located in the historic center of Sirmione, a 3-minute walk from us, in Piazza Don A. Piatti, 1 25019 Sirmione (BS) The discounts for admission to Aquaria are NOT usable anymore because access to Aquaria they are limited to the swimming pools and subject to quotas: online booking is mandatory on the  AQUARIA  website.
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Set in a large park, Aquaria is the Thermal Wellness Center of Terme di Sirmione.

Indoor and outdoor thermal pools, an outdoor fresh water pool for fitness classes. A circuit of water between saunas, steam baths, emotional showers. Multi-sensory relaxation areas, including the Salt Room, the Music Room and the Starry Sky. Personalized treatments, whirlpools, massages, targeted itineraries and wellness cabins, always under the constant guidance of expert and qualified personnel. Immersed in thermal water and in the splendid view of Lake Garda, which touches Aquaria with its splendid light and the charm of its sunsets, guests rediscover not only their well-being but also the inner calm that will accompany them for a long time, together with the benefits of thermal water Aquaria is all of this: an experience to try to rediscover yourself and love yourself.