We want to give new visibility to vegan food. We want to make as many people as possible discover that a plant-based diet is not only good for the environment, people and animals, but is also tasty, complete and delicious. Whatever your diet, here you will experience a cuisine which, in addition to being healthy and genuine, is very rich in colours, flavors and nutrients, also totally free of negative energy due to the exploitation of animals bred for the sole purpose of producing milk, eggs and their same meat. Our cuisine, in addition to being 100% vegetal, is also healthy: we do not use refined white sugar, we mainly use wholemeal flours and cereals and most of the ingredients, from fruit and vegetables, cereals, flours and derivatives, are ORGANIC and from the supply chain short.Also we always have gluten free options among our offers.

For breakfast you can choose from a wide choice of ingredients which include fruit, soya or coconut yoghurt, granola and seeds, jams, cocoa, hazelnut and peanut creams, biscuits, crackers, bread, toast, pizzas, potato tortillas, tofu and tempeh, homemade seitan and vegetable cheeses, scrambled tofu, savory pies filled according to the season and our desserts: cakes, tarts, muffins, strudels, banana bread and the inevitable brioches! Flavored water, 100% fruit juices and much more, with an eye also for those allergic to gluten: we always have gluten free options among our offers. Based on the seasonality of the products, we like to make you try new flavors so you will find always in addition to some traditional dishes, there are also some ethnic dishes. The cappuccinos are made with soy or almond or oat or rice milk, in short there is plenty of choice and for all tastes!!